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Innovatics introduces a convenient and technologically advanced system for the global assessment of oxidative stress, consisting of an innovative Free Radical Analytical System, FRAS5, two blood tests, d-ROMs fast test and PAT test, and one saliva test, SAT test.

FRAS5 analytical device was developed by renowned inventor Dr. Fabrizio Callegari of H&D srl (hyperlink to www.hedsrl.it)  in Parma, Italy, a true pioneer in the field of medical device development for over four decades.

To date, more than 800 clinical studies and scientific articles published worldwide have validated the scientific value of this highly innovative diagnostic approach to oxidative stress.


FRAS5 is a photometric analytical system dedicated solely to the global assessment of oxidative stress in biological systems by enabling the measurement of pro-oxidant status in plasma samples by means of d-ROMs fast test and of anti-oxidant status in plasma and saliva samples by means of PAT test and SAT test.

The principle adopted is the absorbance measurement of a sample solution in a cuvette through a monochromatic light beam; once the absorbance value is obtained, the instrument automatically provides conversion into the appropriate measurement units by using proprietary software.


  • Integrated unit consisting of built-in centrifuge, photometer, printer and control panel. It performs all the required steps to complete the tests procedures, from blood sample centrifugation to tests results printout. 
  • The centrifuge and photometric unit are temperature-controlled at 37 °C.
  • Lightweight, small footprint, no special storage required.
  • Easy-to-follow procedures by means of prompts on the touch screen display.
  • Quick, accurate, real-time results, requiring a processing time of only 2.5 minutes for the d-ROMs test and 1 minute for the PAT and SAT tests
  • USB2.0 port available for PC connection
  • Proprietary software OB Manager available for data storage, oxidative stress risk assessment and custom reports generation.

Drom Fast Test

The d-ROMs fast test, developed initially by the renowned scientist Mauro Carratelli and upgraded by H&D srl, is a photometric test that allows to assess the pro-oxidant status in a biological sample, by measuring the concentration of hydroperoxides (ROOH). Learn more (link to d-ROMs fast test)

Pat Test

PAT test is an automated test assessing the antioxidant potential of plasma by measuring its ferric reducing ability. Ferric to ferrous ion reduction at low pH causes a color change that can be photometrical assessed using the integrated analytical device FRAS5. Learn more (link to PAT test webpage)

SAT Test

SAT test is an automated test assessing the antioxidant potential of saliva by measuring its ferric reducing ability. Ferric to ferrous ion reduction at low pH causes a color change that can be photometrical assessed using the integrated analytical devices FRAS5 and MiniSAT. Learn more (link to SAT test webpage)

Oxidative Stress Index (OSI)

One of the major features of the FRAS system is the integration of d-ROMs test and PAT test values into a single value – the Oxidative Stress Index (OSI), that offers a simple and convenient, yet comprehensive picture of the oxidative stress status in a biological system.

The OSI index is based on specific standardizations of the results of the d-ROMs and PAT tests, despite the different measuring units and value ranges of the two tests. Certain arithmetical transformations were used to determine the final OSI values so that an easy and convenient interpretation of the results is possible.

The value range for the OSI index is from 0 to 200; the OSI index value shows the departure from the normal state of oxidative balance (zero value), that is the perfect equilibrium between the pro-oxidant and anti-oxidant components of the oxidative balance.

Low values of OSI index reflects an oxidation state closer to oxidative balance. OSI index increases proportionally with any level of oxidative imbalance; its increase can be caused by either the increase of pro-oxidant species (highlighted by d-ROMs test results) or the decrease of the antioxidant protection (highlighted by PAT test results).

The OSI index does not substitute the d-ROMs and PAT test results, but it complements and enhances their value.

Calculation of Oxidative Stress Index is done automatically by the dedicated spectrophotometer FRAS5 or by using the proprietary software for oxidative stress management OB Manager Software.

Fig 3. OSI values table – insert from the OSI Index pdf attached

Link to download the OSI Index pdf attached

OB amanger Software

OB Manager is a proprietary software designed to facilitate the interpretation of the oxidative stress tests panel and to integrate their values into the larger clinical context of each subject.

The software is based on a specific algorithm that allows integration of personal, clinical and lifestyle data with biochemical data – the results of d-ROMs fast and PAT test – and generation of custom reports, outlining the risk profile for oxidative stress and a series of suggestions in terms of lifestyle changes and antioxidant therapies, meant to mitigate higher than normal levels of oxidative stress.

OB Manager also facilitates the calculation of the Oxidative Stress Index (OSI), the integrated index calculated from the values of d-ROMs fast test and PAT test.

Commercial availability:

  • Single license on CD-ROM, delivered with the purchase of FRAS5. 
  • OB Manager Online – online access granted to FRAS5 owners, allowing convenient 24/7 data access from any device: PC, tablet or smartphone.

              Click here to download “OB Manager Online presentation pdf (attached)