MiniSAT – Saliva Antioxidant Capacity Analytical System



SAT test
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Innovatics introduces MiniSAT, a convenient and technologically advanced system for the assessment of antioxidant potential in saliva samples in Point-of-Care and clinical settings.  The MiniSAT analytical device was developed in Italy by the research team of H&D Srl in Parma, Italy, led by Dr. Fabrizio Callegari, renowned biomedical engineer and inventor, leveraging on his broad experience in oxidative stress assessment to develop a simple to use, accurate and effective saliva testing device.


MINISAT is a a photometric analytical system, specifically designed to perform the SAT test. The principle adopted is the absorbance measurement of a sample solution in a cuvette through a monochromatic light beam; once the absorbance value is obtained, the instrument automatically provides conversion into the appropriate units using proprietary software.


  • Integrated unit consisting of built-in photometer and control panel. It performs the photometric readings required to complete the SAT test procedure. 
  • The photometric unit is temperature-controlled at 37 °C.
  • Lightweight, small footprint, no special storage required
  • Easy-to-follow procedure
  • Quick, accurate, real-time results, requiring only 1 minute reading time for the SAT test
  • USB2.0 port available for PC connection

SAT Test

SAT test is an automated test assessing the antioxidant potential of saliva by measuring its ferric reducing ability. Ferric to ferrous ion reduction at low pH causes a color change that can be photometrical assessed using the integrated analytical devices FRAS5 and MiniSAT. Learn more (link to SAT test webpage)