Redox Diagnostics, Inc. (formerly known as Innovatics Laboratories, Inc.) was founded by Leonard Neatu, MD once he realized the fundamental role that redox balance plays in maintaining a state of good health and wellbeing and the detrimental role that oxidative stress plays in the pathophysiology of aging and multiple chronic and degenerative conditions. Many years of research in the field of oxidative stress and related science disciplines such as biochemistry, cell biology, quantum mechanics and particle physics led to a deepening of understanding of the processes that take place at the most intimate levels in the cell and to develop a broader view of those processes, compared with the conventional understanding.


We added a vertical dimension to our understanding of molecular and cellular processes, by adding molecular vibration into the algorithm of contributing factors to states of health and disease. Molecular vibrations can be coherent or decoherent depending on the nature of molecular geometry, native or non-native. Native molecular geometry preserves the intended molecular function while non-native molecular geometry leads to loss of function and, if not promptly corrected by the cellular recycling systems, to cell malfunction and ultimately to cell death.


It is our understanding now that a state of redox balance is a state that preserves native molecular geometry and cellular health, while a state of oxidative stress is reflective of the loss of native geometry and accumulation of non-native, metastable byproducts of oxidation, unsupportive of physiological metabolic processes.


It is our goal to contribute to the advancement of healthcare by providing diagnostic solutions dedicated exclusively to the field of oxidative stress assessment, as well as by continuing our research efforts in the pursuit of developing new and innovative solutions for mitigation of oxidative stress and achieving a state of redox balance in the body.


In this endeavor, Redox Diagnostics partnered, as a sole distributor in the US, with H&D srl of Parma, Italy, the developer and manufacturer of diagnostic equipment and reagents dedicated exclusively to oxidative stress assessment in clinical, research and laboratory facilities. H&D srl is a pioneer and leader in the field of oxidative stress assessment, who recognizes the critical importance of oxidative stress testing and strives for highest level of quality and accuracy of its proprietary testing solutions through ongoing research efforts.

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